A gentle noise between the lines

Concept drawings can help a director visualise his/her idea and share it with the rest of the crew. These drawings were done at a very early stage of the production and were useful to present the project and apply for funding.

George is in his 40s, a family man, on the fast track in his job. Until one day a stranger appears at his door, telling George that he once bought 2m² of land where the familiy’s house now stands. He declares that he plans to live there now, enters the house and stays. While the stranger is expanding his space in the house bit by bit, a gloomy feeling is taking hold of George. He has a hunch that there might be more behind the 2m²- man than just a simple deed of ownership.

A gentle noise between the lines
Director Sophie Linnenbaum
Germany 2017, 30′

Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival

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